How Often Do I Really Need to See My Dentist?

Posted on: May 16, 2018

There is a common misconception that a yearly visit to the dentist will suffice. In reality, most people need a minimum of two dental visits per year. However, the appropriate frequency of visits hinges on a number of factors ranging from one's age to the condition of the teeth and gums, etc.

Here is a closer look at the ideal frequency for visiting the dentist.

Why Most Dentists Advise 6-month Cleanings and Exams

Ask your dentist about the proper frequency of visits and he or she will likely respond one visit every six months is necessary. It does not matter if your gums are completely healthy or plagued by periodontitis. You should still visit your dentist at least once every six months. Regardless of whether you brush and floss after each meal or once per day, plaque and tartar will gradually accumulate in your mouth.

If plaque and tartar remain in place, they will sabotage your oral health regardless of how frequently you brush and floss. Plaque and tartar form in the mouth at a different rate depending on each patient's unique oral health and other factors. It is even possible for tartar to form on the teeth a couple weeks after a cleaning. Certain patients have to return to the dentist's office merely once per year. As the dentist polishes your chompers, the skin of the tooth, referred to as the pellicle, is removed. The pellicle resurfaces a couple days later. Plaque sticks to this pellicle.

Your home dental care routine can only do so much to prevent the buildup of plaque. It is imperative you meet with your dentist at least twice per year to eliminate this nasty plaque buildup. Otherwise, plaque will stick to your teeth, attack your tooth enamel and spur cavities. It is even possible for plaque to harden into tartar and spur the onset of gum disease.

Why 6-Month Dental Visits are so Important

Your dentist has the tools and experience necessary to prevent plaque from becoming tartar. People cannot remove tartar without special technology. The bottom line is you can only do so much to keep your teeth in optimal condition. The dentist's instruments are the only way to provide your teeth with the thorough clean they need.

Aside from performing a thorough clean, visiting the dentist on a regular basis will also keep your teeth as healthy as possible. Signs of anemia and diabetes manifest in the mouth. The dentist will look for such signs during your checkups. This oral health professional will also look for signs of oral cancer to boot.

What's the bottom line?

So do not wait a full year or several years to visit the dentist. Give your dentist the opportunity to notice gradual changes in your mouth with 6-month visits and you will stand that much better of a chance of enjoying optimal oral health across posterity.

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