Tips To Make In-Office Teeth Whitening Last

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In-office teeth whitening is an effective solution for removing teeth stains and achieving a brighter smile. However, the results will not last as long without proper aftercare. Fortunately, there are effective ways to make the results of your teeth whitening procedure last longer.  

How to make in-office teeth whitening last

The key to making your in-office teeth whitening last is to practice good oral hygiene and eat an appropriate diet. The following are insights into how often you should brush, what foods should be avoided and how drinking water throughout the day can help keep the results of in-office teeth whitening for a year or more. 

Brush your teeth often

Plaque and tartar buildup can stain teeth and lead to dental cavities. One essential way to prevent plaque and tartar buildup on the surface of teeth is brushing regularly. This keeps teeth clean and strengthens the enamel, reducing the risk of cavities. To make in-office teeth whitening results last longer, brush two to three times a day. A dentist-prescribed toothbrush is recommended, and ensure you brush all areas of the mouth to remove all bacteria and food particles. Be sure to floss and use mouthwash as directed by the dentist as well. 

Limit foods that cause stains

Certain foods increase the risk of teeth stains. This includes tomato-based products, soy sauce and sticky candy. When deciding on what to eat, consider how it may affect the appearance of your smile. Of course, you can eat tomato-based dishes and other foods that increase the risk of teeth stains, but be sure to practice good oral hygiene and brush thoroughly after doing so. Certain foods such as eggs and foods high in calcium can help prevent teeth stains by strengthening teeth enamel. 

Avoid drinking soft drinks, coffee and tea

Most dark beverages increase the risk of teeth stains as well. The most notable dark beverages to limit are coffee, tea and soft drinks. These products can affect the natural shade of teeth and increase the risk of cavities, which is detrimental to the appearance of your smile and oral health. Instead, consider drinking products that are not acidic such as water (see below) and milk. As a general rule, drinks that are high in calcium are encouraged as they strengthen teeth enamel.

Drink water throughout the day

If you want to make the results of in-office teeth whitening last as long as possible, then water is your best friend. Water washes away food particles and bacteria inside the mouth, reducing the risk of stains. By simply drinking water throughout the day and taking small sips (even if you are not thirsty), you can keep your mouth clean, prevent dry mouth and keep your bright and beautiful smile looking great. 

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