What to Do if a Dental Filling Falls Out

Confused on what action to take if your dental filling falls out? The situation is common — an appointment with the dentist is necessary to get the required treatment.

Preventing fillings failure

For easy detection of likely issues with fillings, patients are advised to take dental care seriously. During your routine dental appointment, the dentist can discover gaps or deterioration before the problem comes to your attention. You also get instructions during dental visits on correct oral hygiene to prevent bacterial plaque, the primary cause of tooth decay.

When decay forms around the spaces of a filling, it will damage the restoration. Failure to take adequate care of the filling will leave you confused on what to do when your dental fillings fall out.

Causes of filling loss

Dental fillings do not last forever. They have a stress limit and will potentially fail and need replacement. A regular dental appointment is essential to know when to remove the old filling and restore a new one. Sometimes, the filling may fall out without warning. This can cause discomfort or a possible dental emergency.

According to the American Dental Association, there are several factors responsible for fillings failure. It could be a result of constant teeth grinding, decay caused by bacteria invasion through the gaps around the filling or routine wear and tear. Whatever the cause, failure to treat a loose or lost filling may cause complications such as root canal or tooth removal.

What to Expect at the Appointment

If your filling falls out, you do not need to be alarmed. Most dental offices have time for emergencies and will attend to you if you have a lost filling or other dental emergencies. You could call the dentist if the office is closed for quick solutions before your dental appointment.

During your appointment, the dentist will check the tooth and perform an x-ray scan to decide the best treatment. If a new filling helps with the restoration, then the dentist will talk about the material options. In some instances, the dentist may refer you to another professional. A referral is standard if the tooth requires a root canal or crown to restore its regular functions. Rarely, tooth removal may be necessary.

Filling Options

If restoration is possible, the type of filling depends on the position of the tooth. For molars and premolars, you can use composite or amalgam filling, or a glass ionomer material. For front teeth, the incisors or canines, the best option is to use composite or glass ionomer filling.

Since the back teeth face the heaviest chewing pressure, dentists use amalgam because it is stronger and durable. Based on the patient’s preferences, the dentist may use restorations that look like the tooth.

How can you use this information?

If your filling indeed falls out, just remember that there is no need to panic. You need to book an appointment with the dentist immediately. During your visit, the dentist will determine the best course of treatment after a comprehensive tooth examination. Delaying your visit will only cause more pain or even tooth extraction.

Request a dental filling appointment in our Marietta office here: https://www.drhai.com.

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