5 Signs of Healthy Gums

Gum Disease

It is true that oral health determines the overall health of an individual. Dentists can even detect underlying health issues via a thorough dental check-up. Many dentists agree that healthy gums can often be the signs of a healthy oral cavity.

If the gums are unhealthy, the risk of diseases, like gingivitis is higher. Furthermore, overlooking this disease might lead to more severe problems and chronic diseases including cancer. Moreover, you should visit the dentist after every six months to keep oral health on track. If you encounter issues like mild or severe foul mouth odor, do not wait and get an examination done immediately.

Healthy gums are vital to your overall health

To retain better gum health, you need to ensure oral hygiene as well. Therefore, do not skip brushing or flossing specifically after chewing sugary food items.

Some of the signs of healthy gums are:

1. No bleeding

Many people encounter bleeding on a daily basis after brushing or flossing. Bleeding can be a symptom of hidden oral disease as well. It occurs when the buildup of plaque contributes to redness or swelling and results in bleeding. Healthy gums do not bleed. A visit to the dentist is a must in case of bleeding gums.

2. No bad breath

An unpleasant odor is not only a sign of halitosis, but for some people, it is the onset of gum disease as well. Bad breath is the outcome of poor oral hygiene when food particles are left on the teeth. This condition leads to the growth of bacteria in the mouth that produce toxins and foul odor alike. To avoid this, patients need to brush their teeth for three to five minutes, twice a day, and floss in between to ensure oral hygiene.

3. No loose teeth

Gum diseases are potent enough to cause severe damage if left untreated. Diseases like periodontitis or periodontal affect the jaw severely that it results in loose teeth which may fall out eventually. It is worth noting for both children or adults; both are vulnerable to the problem. Therefore, keep an eye on the teeth and schedule an appointment for an extensive examination.

4. No metallic tasting mouth

Healthy gums do not contribute to the metallic taste in your mouth. It occurs due to bleeding gums. When your gum bleeds, it is likely that it leaves a metallic taste on your tongue which is a sign of gum disease. This sudden change of taste in your mouth indicates danger.

5. Healthy gums do not swell

Red, swollen, or painful gums are a symptom of first level gingivitis. The constant growth of bacteria along the gum line leads to this kind of infection or irritation. Healthy gums are pink, painless, and do not swell.

Our dental office is here to help

Gums are a crucial part of oral health. As stated earlier, disease-free gums do not swell or bleed. Therefore, in case of any complaints about such issues or a case of mild to severe pain, schedule an appointment to get the right treatment immediately.

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